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Holy Trinity's Capital Campaign

Dear Fellow Parishioners,

Many of you have been inquiring about the status of the planning for the renovation of the church. Over the last months, we have been in conversation with the Archdiocesan Building Commission to lay the final groundwork, with their guidance and our adherence to archdiocesan requirements for the renovation of church buildings, concerning the next steps in the process. I, and the members of our Parish Building Committee and Campaign Leadership Team, are pleased and excited to announce that we have been given the go-ahead by Archbishop Sartain to begin the fundraising portion of our Capital Campaign. The feasibility study that we did indicated that we have the potential capacity to raise the needed monies to support the renovation.

Toward that end, we are beginning to form the various committees that will be needed to undertake the different aspects or our fundraising efforts. Some of the leaders for those committees have already been identified, and for that we are grateful. In the next few weeks, you will all receive a newsletter to bring you up-to-date about the status of our planning and asking you to prayerfully consider how you might participate as a committee member to spread the good news of our efforts and to make a valuable contribution in realizing our hopes and dreams for the future of our parish family and the Catholic population in East Bremerton! And if you are asked to serve, I pray that you will say “Yes” to the sharing your time, abilities, and enthusiasm in this great labor of faith and love.

Please keep our efforts and the task that lies before us in your prayer as we journey together in building “Our Community, Our Future.” May we be blessed with the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In Christ’s Peace,

Veronica Kelley, Pastoral Coordinator

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