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 Library hours:  (Room 7)

Friday:          noon - 3:30 PM

 Sunday:   9:30 AM (when Faith Formation classes are in 

                              session) - 3:00  

 Saturdays     Need volunteers

                                Email the library or let the office know if you are available to help in the library.

April 2018

Anyone going on the pilgrimages may be interested in viewing the 3 vhs tapes  on the Holy Land or the set of 4 VHS tapes on the Vatican.  If you do not have a VCR they can be viewed in the library on Friday afternoons or by special appointment.


The Library will be open the day of the High Tea!

 Thank you  for all the donated books.

 We will continue to accept paperbacks for the local foodbanks and shelters.

 If you have any DVD's that have to do with saints or other religious subjects that are in good condition we would be grateful for the donation. We would ,also, like family appropriate DVD's  that are in good condition.  Thanks to all that have donated books, CD's and DVD's.


We would like you to use the program"Formed" and will not be ordering any new materials for the library to encourage you to use the programwhile we have it. It has great content and for those of you that have the internet please give it a try.  If you don't have access to it we still have plenty of books,CD's and DVD's for you.


Thank you for the religious articles that have been donated.  You will see them peeking out from the shelves!




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