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For nearly fifty years, the members of our parish family have prayed, worshipped, and celebrated the sacraments together in good times and bad times, in joy and in sorrow within our church building.  We have loved and supported one another, shared countless spiritual experiences and made treasured memories that will never be forgotten.  We give thanks with grateful hearts for all of God’s blessings to us over these many years.  To dignify the past sacrifices and honor the memories of those who came before us, we must now offer our sacrifice to meet the needs of and create lasting memories for this generation and for generations to come. To realize this bold vision to remodel our church building our Capital Campaign will call upon our parish community to raise $2.8 million.   For the success of our campaign, we are asking every parish family to make a sacrificial gift on the basis of “equal sacrifice, not equal gifts" to be payable over a three-year commitment. Before you decide on the amount of your gift, please prayerfully consider the generosity that God has shown you, the importance of the mission we have been given, and the significant returns that God promises to the cheerful giver.

Campaign Literature 

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 Online Pledging and Giving 

If you have chosen to Make a donation on line as your Capital Campaign Pledge payment option, please complete this process.

If you have not already done so please complete your Capital Campaign Pledge card and return  by mail, place in the collection basket or give it to the Parish Office. 

Another Option is to

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we at Holy Trinity Parish will be stopping access to MyEoffering for any ACH and credit card processing. Due to changes and updates from MyEoffering, we at Holy Trinity are needing to reprocess and relook at, if Holy Trinity will stay with MyEoffering or change to another vendor for our processing. For those that were set up with MyEoffering and received an email from them on Monday, July 9, 2018, please Do Not follow their process and contact Desiree. I, Desiree Olmo will be in contact with everyone that we have signed up on MyEoffering as soon as we have more clarification on which route we are taking. Please check your bank account, as possibly your June and definitely your July contributions have not been taken out. You can either make your contribution by check or you can wait until I contact you. Please contact Desiree Olmo, bookkeeper, at 360-377-7674 for any questions and issues.

As always, we thank you for your generous support of Our Capital Campaign.

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